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A shop with over 100 years of history.

Trinders has been trading in Banbury town centre since the start of the 20th Century.

“A very long time ago, where our memories don’t span,
There did live Mr Trinder, a truly wonderful man!

He brought magic to the lives of all the little girls and boys
As he presented them with models, bicycles and toys.

People like you came from the far and the near,
To see his fine toy shop, for over a century here.

Rumour does have it and legend would say
His fine quality produce can be seen, still today.”

The initial toy shop business started as Trinder and Osborne in 1906.

A full one hundred and a eleven years ago!

Now, the shop has a huge collection of toys and models downstairs, and the popular bike shop upstairs.

Trinders. A store for all the family selling toys, models, crafts and bikes.

Pop in and see Trinders at:

56-59 Broad Street
Banbury OX16 5BL

Tel: 01295 262546

Website: www.trindersbanbury.co.uk


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