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Banbury Market Place

Banbury Town Oxfordshire

The historic north Oxfordshire town of Banbury is perhaps best known for the nursery rhyme:

Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross,

To see a Fyne lady ride on a white horse.

With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,

She shall have music wherever she goes.

Today, Banbury is a thriving community. Its good road and rail links make it a popular business centre, which brings employment and prosperity to the whole Banburyshire area.

The Ride a Cock Horse nursery rhyme originated around 1760. The “Fyne” lady is reputed to be a member of the Fiennes family – ancestors of Lord Saye and Sele.

Three crosses

in the 16th century, Banbury had three crosses:

  1. The High Cross or Market Cross, was in Cornhill, just off the Market Place.
  2. The Bread Cross was the corner of High Street and Butchers Row and was associated with the distribution of bread to the poor each Good Friday.
  3. The White Cross was on the edge of the old town borough, at what is now the corner of West Bar Street and Beargarden Road.

Banbury is also noted for its Banbury Cakes.

Maker’s of Brown’s Original Banbury Cakes since 1818. Used to be baked in Parson’s Street in the Old Cake Shop dated 1568. Now distributed through local shops and by mail order.

Website: www.banburycakes.co.uk

Museum and Tourist Information Centre

Within Castle Quay Shopping Centre, Spiceball Park Road, Banbury, OX16 2PQ

Museum includes sections on the Civil War, the Oxford Canal and the adjacent Tooley’s Boatyard.

Website: www.banburymuseum.org

The town also has a bustling Café Culture.

A café culture where the townsfolk and vistors gather to relax, trade news, or enjoy a little bit of people watching. Have you tried it yet?

Take a look at this comprehensive list of Café’s breathing new life into Banbury

Market Days

Market Place, Banbury.

Banbury Market is every Thursday and Saturday from 9am until 4pm.

Fresh fruit and vegetables at Banbury Market

Farmers Market

There is a special Farmers Market on the First Friday of Every Month.

Website: Banbury Farmers Market

The best country food pubs aound Banbury

Perfect for the foodies/ Ranging from rustic locals to stylish inns, the Banbury area is renowned for top places to eat, drink — and stay over.

Sink your teeth into this tasty list of great local food pubs around Banbury.

Celebrating the great British pub

Whether it’s for perfect pints, hearty affordable grub and insane roast dinners, pubs are a British institution.

Take a look at our Pub Guide for Banbury


Banbury has a wealth of history which can be found on the Local Histories website.



Banburyshire Info website provides news and information to the community.

For travel times, news, events, articles, food, local businesses and so much more …

As one of the most popular community sites in the Banbury area, your guide to what’s on around Banbury over the coming weeks is worth bookmarking.

Events going on is Banbury

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Banburyshire Info

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