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Busting the Price Myth about Organic Cosmetics

Busting the Price Myth about Organic Cosmetics.

Everyday people are ‘going green’ in a variety of ways. They recycle and upcycle; hate waste and love leftovers; shop local and carry that shopping in a ‘bag for life.’

Switching to organic cosmetics is another way to go green – and look great while doing. If you’re already using eco-friendly skin care, you are not alone. You are part of a growing, global trend, a valuable consumer demographic with brands both big and small vying for your attention. But maybe you’re not using organic cosmetics. Maybe your worried that going organic means spending a lot of money. That’s a very common belief – the idea that organic cosmetics will cost significantly more than traditional makeup brands. But is it true?

Young woman wearing organic makeup

The cosmetics landscape is vast.

There are so many products by so many brands at so many price points that comparing apples to apples is a challenge. But let’s pick one product – mascara, which many women consider their “make up must have” – and let’s look at some common prices for that. We’ll compare a few of the best-selling traditional high-street brands and a few organic brands and see if we can finally put this idea of organics being pricier than their mainstream competitors to bed.


  • Benefit They’re Real, £19.50
  • Clinique High Impact Extreme Mascara, £19
  • Neal’s Yard Remedies Lengthening Mascara, £16
  • Green People Organic Volumising Mascara, £14.75
  • NATorigin lengthening mascara £14.50
  • L’Oreal Volume Excess Noir, £10.99
  • Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, £4.99, Boots

The organic mascaras (Neal’s Yard, Green People and NATorigin) sit right in the middle price-wise. And if you want to know if you’re getting value for money at those prices, it may interest you to know that in comparison natural vs synthetic makeup, Jenny Stocks of the Daily Mail gave NATorigin mascara a perfect 10/10 – soundly beating competitor Max Factor’s Masterpiece Mascara.

Maybe mascara isn’t your “must have.” Maybe you’re one of many women who declare they’d give up everything else before they’d give up lipstick. Since one of the other myths about organic cosmetics is that they lack pigmentation, let’s target a classic red lip for our comparison. Will going for organic lippy leave your wallet feeling more or less deflated than the top selling high street brands? Let’s choose some of each and see.


  • Lancome L’Absolu Rouge, £23.00
  • Chanel Rouge Coco £26
  • Origins Kisszing™ Lip Crayon, Coral Crush £16.50
  • NATorigin in “Fig/Plummy Red” £16.25
  • Neal’s Yard Pomegranate Lipstick £15
  • Mac lipstick in Lady Danger, £15
  • Clinique Long Last Soft Shine lipstick, £15

Once again, when it comes to price the organic options (Origins, NATOrigin, and Neal’s Yard) land squarely between the UK’s top selling lipsticks. It’s worth noting from a performance perspective that that NATorigin lipsticks in particular are awash in accolades winning “Best Lipstick” and Best Organic Lipstick” awards every year since their introduction in 2011.

Busting the Price Myth about Organic Cosmetics

So, if you’ve been thinking about organic cosmetics but worried it would bust the beauty budget – worry no longer. Go green, look great and feel better. You can see the full range of organic, hypoallergenic cosmetics from NATorigin at their website. They also have information on what goes into, and importantly, what does not go into organic, hypoallergenic make-up.

Feature writer Deborah Menikoff

Feature article writer Deborah Menikoff.

This featured article is editorial sponsored by NATorigin cosmetics and skincare

Website: www.natorigin.co.uk

Tel: 0330 660 0795

If you'd like to know more about how and where the concepts of organic cosmetics, hypoallergenic and contact-safe cosmetics overlap and diverge, check out the information from the NATorigin FAQ from Butterflies Healthcare. www.natorigin.co.uk/Faqs.html

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