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Featured Article. Organic Cosmetics: No Compromise on Convenience

Organic Cosmetics: No Compromise on Convenience

Lots of people are switching to organic cosmetics these days but some people who hesitate, cite concerns about availability as their sticking point. They’re perfectly happy, they say, to use greener products as long as they are able to buy them as easily as they can conventional brands.

Bricks and Mortar

When it comes to finding makeup in the shops, conventional brands do have an advantage. They are long-established companies with distribution chains and public profiles that are the envy of the consumer goods’ world. They are household names – featured by beauty columnists, in fashion magazines and endorsed by famous names. They are sold in pharmacies, department stores, their own boutiques and carried by all the big online retailers. Organic brands, which are sometimes dismissed as niche, are smaller companies and newer on the scene so they are not as well known or as widely available for “bricks and mortar” shopping.

But that’s starting to change. Interest in organic beauty is growing exponentially and organic brands are niche no longer. They’re being included in beauty magazine round-ups; celebrities sing the praises of their latest organic must-have, high street giants like Boots and Superdrug stock organic brands side by side with global brands with department stores like Debenhams, M&S and John Lewis doing the same. If you’re interested in a finding out who carries a particular brand near you, most brands have stockists lists on their websites.

Click and Order

Prefer to do your shopping online? Then your search for organic makeup is even easier. We know that shopping giant Amazon offers everything you can think of and this includes organic cosmetics. But an informed consumer is a happy consumer so if you’re looking at organics for the first time, you need more than a picture and a price.

Searching the web on the mobile

Try checking out site such as LoveLula, an online organic beauty portal featuring 200 organic and natural beauty brand and definitely look at the websites for the organic cosmetics brands themselves. A brand’s website can provide detailed information on their product and their company philosophy as well as their organic credentials. In addition to explaining who they are, why they do what they do and how, most sell direct to the consumer.

Banburians looking to ‘shop local’ even online (and what could be greener) are in luck since we have a leader in organic cosmetics in our area – Banburyshire’s own NATorigin. Their website has information not only their individual products, but about the organic ingredients they use and production commitments they’ve embraced and. They also offer explanations on how certifications are awarded as well as a list of stockists in the area and around the country. If you are considering making the move to organic cosmetics and want to know more about what that means, NATorigin is a good place to start.

NATOrigins stockists list.

Feature writer Deborah Menikoff

Feature article writer Deborah Menikoff.

This featured article is editorial sponsored by NATorigin cosmetics and skincare

Website: www.natorigin.co.uk

Tel: 0330 660 0795

If you'd like to know more about how and where the concepts of organic cosmetics, hypoallergenic and contact-safe cosmetics overlap and diverge, check out the information from the NATorigin FAQ from Butterflies Healthcare. www.natorigin.co.uk/Faqs.html

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