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Raising the unit flag for 1st Hardwick Rainbows

Raising the flag for 1st Hardwick Rainbows

Raising the unit flag for 1st Hardwick Rainbows

On the St Georges Day Parade in Banbury 26/04/2015 a proud father Neil Hancox, with his wife and son waited to watch his aged 5 year old daughter Charleigh march down Banbury high street as part of the parade with 1st Hardwick Rainbows.

A high street lined full with other equally proud parents, grand parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, and those just there for the celebrations…waited in anticipation.

The band strikes up. Here they come.

Video sourced via YouTube posted by John Healey

As delightful as they looked passing by, Neil could not help but think that something was missing. Then suddenly it dawns on him, they haven’t got a unit flag.

At that moment he decided I would like to help them out. So after seeking out unit leader Mandy Skuce, she delightedly agreed to let him buy and donate 1st Hardwick Rainbows their first unit flag.

Roll forward to September 8th and all the girls meet for the first time after their summer break, and courtesy of his company Work Area Ltd, the 1st Hardwick Rainbows now have their very own flag.

September 8th and courtesy of of his company Work Area Ltd, the 1st Hardwick Rainbows finally have their own flag.
1st Hardwick Rainbows reveal their new flag

Unit leader Mandy Skuce said;

“I would like to say a really big thank you to Neil and Work Area Ltd for the very kind donation of a unit flag.

“I started the 1st Hardwick Rainbows unit as I knew demand was high for the few units we already had in Banbury.

“With my little girl about to turn 5, I couldn’t guarantee her getting into a unit near us, so I decided to open one. Within 4 months word had spread and we had a full unit of 14 girls and a waiting list with as many girls ready to join.

“That lovely sunny day back in April I felt really pleased and proud to be stood amongst hundreds of other guiding members with my rainbows unit. I had wanted to get a flag but with being a new unit money is tight, so when Neil asked about donating a flag I was delighted that his company would do for this for our unit. The girls are really pleased and are looking forward to our next parade.”

Neil Hancox of Work Area Ltd
Neil Hancox

As for Neil. He said;

“Well, it was nice to be able to help out and give a little something back into the community.”


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