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Banbury Canal Day Swimming With Colour

Banburyshire Info News. Banbury Canal Day swimming with colour

Banbury Canal Day Swimming With Colour

In its 12th year, Banbury Canal Day offered a wonderful themed day out in the heart of Banbury.

With perfect sunny weather, Tooley’s working forge, continental market, canal barges on show, the arts and crafts market and stalls galore, the day attracted thousands of visitors to Banbury canalside.

Thousands of people attend Banbury Canal Day 2015
A very busy Banbury Canalside

Planet Neptune coordinated and provided live arts, dance and music for the day on the field at Spiceball.

Suzette Neptune leader of Planet Neptune gave thanks to

“Barney Newman, Stuart Layzell, The Next Hot Thing, Phoebe Rose, Leatherat Acoustic Trio and to our artists Paul Austin, Pierangela Manzetti, Emma Louise and Tim Cherry-Jones, with Joanna lending a hand all day. Thanks also to Mark Bigelow, Dean Lee & Amber Honour for the addition of photography and dance.

Gorgeous day and another great event- no surprise there as was organised by the stellar Ann Sewell and team.”

Local man David Sydney Woodman visiting with family and friends said

“Just a brilliant day for Banbury and all free and supporting charities”

Stephanie Quieros said on Facebook

“Banbury canal day 2015!
Absolutely brilliant day and all round brilliant weather!
Thanks to Banbury council for organising such a wonderful day!”

James Love and Marc Muncila of Restore Chiropractic Banbury at Banbury Canal Day
James Love and Marc Muncila of Restore Chiropractic Banbury before the crowds

James Love and Marc Marc Muncila showcasing their Restore Chiropractic practice with a stand said

“I must say that the live music in Spiceball park was a tremendous addition to the atmosphere & attracted significant crowds down there this year, good job people!” – James

“Banbury at its best” – Marc

BYHP at Banbury Canal Day 2015
BYHP all set up nice and early

Deborah Parker​ acting CEO of BYHP said

“It gives BYHP a wonderful opportunity to meet people of the area to showcase what we do with the little added bonus of fund raising”

They probably also had the best game of the show. Guess how many sweets in the jar.

Deborah Menikoff Simmons on Facebook said

“We’ve been here a couple of hours – lovely day for it, colour everywhere and the boats are decked out (no pun intended) to the nines.

Also seems like more stuff this year. Nice to see that this event, like so many others is growing in popularity and scope.”

Busy stall at Banbury Canal Day 2015
A very busy trader

Carol Anne Willson said on Facebook

“Had a great day at Canal day. Well done to everyone involved. A great day.”

Barry Whitehouse owner of the Artery in Parson St Banbury said

“A great day at Banbury Canal day. Today I was found on the Old Town Association stand, and the Banbury and District Art Society stand, and running in between the two via ice cream vans and Nutella pancake stands!”

Note: The Old Town Association have raffle tickets on sale from most independent shops raising money for the next old town party in May 2016 until early December. Prizes include £125 cash prize, a turkey from Betts, vouchers from Frogabilia, Banbury Bags and Baggage, Books & Ink Bookshop, Little Amsterdam, J D’Cruz, Hawkes Sports and Pizza Calzone

Banbury Canal Day was a Banbury Town Council event.


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