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Banbury Business Inspired By Bob Geldof Creates Viral Video


Christmas song inspired by Bob Geldof goes VIRAL.

Owner of Rock The Atic in Banbury Ryan Mold got together with a whole bunch of talented musicians from Banbury to release their version of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’.

Rock The Atic Butchers Row Banbury

The aim, to create awareness and raise money for Banbury based Children’s Charity Let’s Play Project

The talented musicians involved were, Rosie Samaras, Patrick McCallion’s Small Words, Rufus Goodlove, Acoustic Journey, Dolly Mavies, Slate Hearts, Charlie Leavy, Leper King Patrick Foley, Stuart Layzell Jammin BBQ, Tom Stilgoe, Mary Bell, and Flo the Ridgeback/Reindeer.

Ats Films – Freelance Film Maker Ben Atkinson made the film.

Ryan said:

“It’s something I always wanted to do since being inspired by Bob Geldof. On a much smaller scale I may add.

“I had the venue, I knew enough talented local musicians, and I like the fantastic work Children’s Charity Let’s Play Project do, so thought, let’s do this.”

Ryan never told the musicians what he was up too. He just asked them to turn up in Christmas jumpers for a little sing song together that they’ll video for a fun keep sake.

Ryan added:

“They never knew right up until I told them after the event. Amazing really how generous they were, not only in giving me their time, but also coming along in Christmas jumpers walking through the town. I’m actually fairly humbled”

“Many were totally out of their comfort zones musically too. Not their style of music.”

Ryan Mold attempting to get Mariah Carey to retweet the link to the video via Twitter

One of his ambitions over the coming weeks is to get world singer-songwriter superstar Mariah Carey to re-tweet the link to the video via Twitter. He was still trying when we spoke with him on Monday.

It’s easy to donate, or of course share the video via YouTube,

Or what has been by far the most popular way is via the Facebook link

The bar only opened its doors in May 2015, hosting comedy, local bands, open mic evenings and DJ inspired nights to an appreciative clientele.


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