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Businesses in and around Banbury and Banburyshire

The Banburyshire area boasts a vibrant business community. To help you keep your finger on the local business pulse, this page offers local business listings, news stories, business tips and events, from around the local Banbury area.

Need a local business?

To help YOU find a high quality checked out local business, take a look at our business directory page. Business Listings


If you have a business networking event, workshop, business tip, or business news, and you want MORE people to know about it. then e-mail with all the details, and we will publish it if suitable.

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Joining the Banburyshire Info facebook community

We like this new community marketplace much better. We never truly knew how things would turn out when we created the Banburyshire Info Facebook community. ‘hyperlocal news & infotainment for the Banbury area’   We wanted a supportive community that gives strength to those who are struggling. One that gives a constantly updating feed of local breaking news,… Continue Reading