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Getting the best out of Facebook Business Pages

Getting the best out of Facebook Business Pages

Facebook is brilliant for networking and helping other business owners to actually work more effectively. If you treat it as you would a face to face networking event, then you’re are onto a winner.

Consider this

At a face to face networking event you would introduce yourself, discuss their business, product / service, and discuss how you could work possibly together and help each other.

All this is easy to do online too;

  • introduce yourself to other pages
  • tag your page and comment on their products and services, or how you came across them
  • discuss how you could help each other or work together
  • share their page with your page Likers and friends.
  • comment on their page as yourself and your page as this will help their reach as FB algorithms love the fact the post is being interacted with.

Hopefully the page owners will then also interact with your page, but if they don’t, you posting on their page does ultimate help with promotion of your own business as their Likers will see you.

Catriona Smillie

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