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Facebook groups recommendations feature is business goldmine

Looking for recommendations……

Quite possibly, the looking for recommendations feature is now the fastest growing theme in (specified) Facebook groups. And way more useful than many businesses may realise.

I bumped into Professor of Marketing Chris Hackley last week. Pleased I did too. How I got to know the good man is very much part of this short story.

Chris has been a member of the Banburyshire Info FB group I edit for quite a while now. You know, just doing his type of membership stuff.

Then he did something remarkable. At that stage I had no idea who he was.

He posted on the group

“This site’s a soap opera with branded content – I get absorbed in a thread when it all kicks off then someone mentions a useful pub or shop or day out I haven’t tried yet. Marketing genius”

Marketing genius is high praise from such an esteemed source. Understandably, glowing with his endorsement I knew I needed to meet him. He has since become a popular guest of mine for radio interviews, and film. For the Banburyshire Song we combined both mediums.

We got talking. I told him I’ve been using the comment he posted. In fairness, he couldn’t exactly remember what he wrote, but ensured me it still stood true. His following comment was an interesting added value addition.

He told me he needed a plumber so went to the group to see what plumbers had been recommended. And then choose from there. Must admit, that didn’t surprise me. It now makes perfect sense to go to a place where people discuss within their local community, their needs, wants, desires, and aspirations.

And people are doing it in their droves.

Chris clearly knows the marketing value of our popular Facebook community. We’re not unique enough to claim any leadership though. This type of buyer marketing is all over Facebook. 

Those Facebook groups have already become communities where you don’t need advertising at all. Pleased to add in here. Ours is exactly that. Users are going to the community, giving us better “experiences” at “consuming”, that’s built around buyers, not sellers.

It clearly works.

People in networked markets (Online communities) have long figured out that they get far better information and support from one another than from vendors. Or another way of putting it. Welcome to “broadcast shopping.”

As proven.

June Irani commented in her thread after asking a buying question:

Great pr for all these places!

Our example is this.

With over 12,000 active members – The Banburyshire Info Fb community are an exceptional example of buyer marketing – with thousands of £’s worth of business being offered EVERY week.  The buyer notifies the market of their intent to buy, and sellers compete for the buyer’s purchase. Simple as that.

Now, how can YOUR business benefit?

Call me Ian Gentles now on 07511 217 984. If you prefer, you can send an to request a call back.

If you’re a local business wishing to be noticed, you can’t afford to miss being part of Banburyshire Info. When there isn’t a specific business demand. We help CREATE one.

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