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People are no longer just apart of the audience, they’re active contributors.

If you’re a business looking to market locally.

Funny enough, one of the absolute best ways to reach superhero status with your local community is through the power of local community Facebook groups. These spaces generate super valuable conversations that fanpages, Twitter etc don’t allow for. They also offer a super segmented public.

THE space where people prefer to discuss, talk, and ask questions about products or services —  is an ideal space for brands or specialists to build a reputation as trustworthy references and leaders for a specialised audience.

This type of local community is all over Facebook.

Our Banbury centric community is an incredible niche for brands, specialists and organisations, members come from all walks of life, but they all have one thing in common…They all want to get on in life, and to do right by their families and friends.

What defines and distinguishes the spirit of the Banburyshire community is that users collaborate around a common theme, local topic or particular purpose that unites them, and they themselves provide valuable and meaningful content for the rest of the participants.

These are all reasons that make local communities excellent tools for getting information and ideas to help you improve products, develop new services, excel in customer service, obtain loyalty, and interact more closely with your niche of the local market.

Local Community Matters.

In essence, most Facebook groups give you the best of local — constantly updating a feed of local breaking news, upcoming events, fun / positive / sad stories, local pictures and videos — in a marketplace FULL of hustle and bustle — a demand-driven model. One that grows around buyers, not sellers.

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Every time someone names a brand or where to buy a product, it becomes additional content providing more exposure and scoring more points for the ranking systems that Facebook search engines use.

We like this new marketplace much better.

Those involved come together to get advice, answer questions, receive support, gain recognition and status, share information, and experiences, etc…

Lots of information can be obtained including:

  • insights gained from the discussions and debates,
  • finding out what the problematic issues related to an industry, product, or particular service are,
  • or listening closely to which interests and issues generate discussion.

Conversation is a tool we can use to encourage thinking together. When used this way, it leads groups to a new awareness, affecting culture in a meaningful way.

For the visionary business, It opens up a new channel for brands to connect with customers more directly, more organically, and at scale.

People are no longer just apart of the audience, they’re active contributors.

Ian Gentles

Banburyshire Info Editor

Tel: 07511 217 984. Or if you prefer, 

It is really simple and easy.

For those brands/organisations who want to take their first steps in reaching superhero status, Tel Ian Gentles on 07511 217 984. Or if you prefer, .

By creating TRUST BUILDING content with social media influencers in communities, brands can amplify their message while seducing their potential customers.

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