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Carpe Diem

Self employment. Staying the course

Whether you are a fresh start up or adding an extra service to your current business there are three things that you need to remember if you want to succeed; Determination, Confidence and Motivation, but of course you already have these things ……..right?

Well that’s what I thought when I started out over 3 years ago, I had a long stretch of unemployment because I was after that perfect job, you know what I mean great wage, job satisfaction and all that jazz (or your words – I hate etc as in the grand scheme of things it means nothing) but it’s hard to come by these days. Let’s face it most jobs are just that, jobs, somewhere to get money and live, but I wanted more.

In my younger days I had said to myself that by the time was 30 I would be self-employed, and successful! I find myself still working on that dream. Finally in 2012 I got my chance, as luck would have it I was already providing kids star parties at a small fee of £35, just to see how it would go. The job center took an interest, and signed me up to a program for those wanting to become self-employed and so my journey began.

Journey towards Self Employment

I was determined, confident and motivated, I had a business plan, the polo shirt with my business logo on and a Facebook page. What could go wrong?

Well plenty as it happens, the problem is when we first start a new project we feel invisible and believe that the service we provide is what everyone wants. We soon learn this isn’t always the case, I managed to get a handful of bookings but it soon tapered off and whole months went by with nothing on the books. I decided to alter my services, and add kids Nerf parties, these actually became quite popular and thought I was onto a winner, but again the bookings slowed down to a crawl.

Bookings slowed down to a crawl.

But I stayed determined and again re wrote my business plan, at this point I had got into special effects, learning from YouTube and then providing workshops. Halloween that year was busy with 2 or 3 bookings a week and so my confidence received a huge boost, something was actually working for me! This in turn lead to other doors opening and meeting people who I now work closely with, one project I am involved with is a mini-series, I am writing and leading the special effects for which in turn has lead me down the writing path. There has been one huge factor in this whole series of events, and that’s Motivation.

Keeping motivated

You will find this hard, from my own experience when one thing fails it can be disheartening but you must always look outside the box, what are the reasons for it failing, can you improve anything?

If not then put it on a back burner and look at your options, what else is there you can try, don’t give up until you have tried all avenues. Often from a failure something else will present itself you just have to look.


Again this is a hard one and closely linked to keeping motivated, if you are not determined then you will surely fail, keep pushing forward with new ideas, learn new skills, implement them in your business there is always a way.

Don’t be side-tracked by failure, this will happen more often than not, see it as a learning curve and grow from it. I find that thinking of three things we are grateful for in the morning really does help to banish fears and gets you motivated for the day ahead which in turn leads to that all important Determination.


The most important one, if you don’t stay confident in yourself, how will your potential customers perceive you? Here is one little trick I used; focus on the things you are great at, boost yourself, write blogs about it, share you knowledge and engage in conversations with people on your subject matter, this will not only provide a huge boost in your own confidence but other people’s view of you as well, customers want to know they are dealing with someone who knows what they are doing and be confident you can deliver!.

This all sounds so easy doesn’t it! However, writing this now I can clearly see all the times I have lost Confidence, Motivation and Determination at some point in time. The urge to give up can be strong but if you follow these few simple steps you can pull yourself up and stay the course, remember no one became successful without failure and it does take time, it’s all a learning curve until you find that golden egg.

So every day remember to Self-Motivate – use social media to engage potential customers and other businesses

Stay Determined – Research new ideas and ways to improve your current services (there are always ways to improve)

Stay Confident – believe in yourself !

Thanks for reading

Marc Gordge

Marc Gordge









Edited by Banburyshire Info Business editor Amy Jackson

Website: www.drakelapthorn.co.uk


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