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Featured article from Butterflies Healthcare Ltd

Why prescription swimming goggles are killing comedy!

Have you heard the one about the male optician who got thrown out of the swimming pool because he didn’t have his glasses on? He didn’t see it was Ladies Night …

This is the stuff stand-up comedy is made of and believe me, we hear a lot of hilarious stories. But if you’re reliant on your glasses or contact lenses, swimming isn’t always a laugh a minute. Plenty of people, like our optician friend (a true story, by the way), often find themselves in embarrassing or even dangerous situations when swimming because they can’t see properly without their spectacles or contact lenses.

Well the good news is, it doesn’t have to be like that. Prescription swimming goggles are safe, durable and allow you to swim safely in the pool or in the sea.

Prescription Swimming Goggles

It’s obviously not practical to wear spectacles in a swimming pool. If they come off, they can be broken or damaged if someone stands on them, and of course, it begs the question … how do you see to find them again? You’ve got it – that’s another popular punch line!

But if you swim in contact lenses, you’re putting yourself at great risk. Water-borne parasites such as acanthamoeba, found in swimming pools, fresh water and the sea, can become trapped under your lens. This can lead to serious eye infections and possibly cause blindness. Swimming goggles with prescription lenses are ideal. They allow you to swim safely and happily without risking your health or your embarrassment levels!

If you’re thinking ‘it won’t happen to me’, here’s a hilarious tale one customer shared with us. Picture the scene … a husband and wife are enjoying some healthy exercise in their local pool. Wife doesn’t have her glasses on, but that’s OK, her husband’s at her side. Or is he? In need of reassurance, she grabs him … but her hand slips and instead of steadying herself … she delivers a rather ‘intimate’ caress. And if you were the complete stranger who found himself being groped in the pool that day, we’re pleased to reassure you that the lady in question has invested in a pair of prescription swimming goggles. She won’t be fondling you in the future! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2191190/I-swam-contact-lenses–Im-blind-eye.html

Wherever you swim, don’t take chances – prescription swimming goggles will keep you safe and could spare you a lot of blushes. And if you’ve got any swimming pool howlers – do share – we’d love to hear them!

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Butterflies Healthcare Ltd sell 40 different types of prescription swimming goggles and diving masks including leading brands like Zoggs, Speedo, Aquasphere & our own Sutton Swimwear.

Feature writer Joy McCarthy

Feature writer Joy McCarthy






This featured article is editorial sponsored by Butterflies Healthcare Ltd

Website: www.prescription-swimming-goggles.co.uk

Tel: 0330 660 079

We sell 40 different types of prescription swimming goggles and diving masks including leading brands like Zoggs, Speedo, Aquasphere & our own Sutton Swimwear.

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