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You’ll find Sjb Hearing Company located in the beautiful North Oxfordshire village of Deddington – the Ashcroft Therapy Centre, Hudson Street, Deddington Oxfordshire OX15 0SW.


Poem about Banbury Cakes.

Banbury has changed over the years,
Filling many Banburians with fears.

As children we played in Beargardens at will,
At weekends we walked to the top of Crouch Hill.

The Warwickshire hounds met at Banbury Cross
And the cattle market going was a real loss.

People had tea in Brown’s cake shop in Parson’s Street,
Gran bought Banbury cakes, she loved anything sweet.

Where once we played and had picnics in old meadows,
Now stand factories and new dwellings in rows and rows.

But all is not lost and with good cheer we look
At the old nursery rhyme we’ve all read in a book

About a fine lady upon a white horse,
The one connected with Banbury Cross of course.

Once again a lady on her horse is there for all to see,
A wonderful statue for the people of Banbury.

©Maureen Meredith

Maureen Meredith






Award winning educational consultant. Business Partner at The Three Rs Tuition

Poets of the Shire

A page dedicated to local poets for publishing their poetry.

If you would like your poem published,

A page dedicated to local poets for publishing poetry.


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The poem 'Betts Butchers of Banbury' inspired by the photograph.

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