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The Supper Circle Pop Up Restaurant in Banbury, Oxfordshire

Review for The Supper Circle – Fine Dining Pop Up Restaurant in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Pop up restaurants – a completely new concept to us but has seemingly been around since the 2000’s in Britain and across the world. They are essentially a temporary or ad hoc restaurant based from a private home or other similar non-commercial establishment, where chefs and restauranteurs can showcase their culinary skills.

Supper Circle is a new pop up restaurant based in a central location in Banbury. It is run by Rachel and Jo who met 10 years ago, working at Witwoods foods (now known as Newlyweds) in the Research and Development department as product developers. They both have a background in the catering industry so share a passion and love of all things food related. Last autumn, they heard about and visited a pop up restaurant and decided this would be something that they could do. They both missed working with real food and being creative with food and agreed that this would certainly be a very enjoyable venture and is indeed, where their Supper Circle journey started.

We arrived by taxi to a lovely looking, private home with a simple yet sophisticated cinematic lightbox stating ‘The Supper Circle’ in the window. We were greeted by Rachel in an amazingly warm and friendly manor and taken through to the restaurant which was a luxurious and beautifully lit area in the front of the house.

The restaurant was a luxurious and beautifully lit area

We were given a free glass of ‘bubbly’ whilst Rachel took care of our ‘bring your own’ drinks as they do not hold a personal licence to sell any alcohol. The red wine was opened and left to breath and the prosecco chilled at a drinks station on ice with cute tags stating who they belonged to so there could be no mix up. The bubbles had an extra twist of having a sugar and cinnamon rim on the glass which was a sign of things to come – delightful!

We met our fellow diners who were all lovely and interesting and proved to be excellent company throughout the evening. We also met Jo whilst Rachel went through the obvious but endearing house rules as we all sat down to receive our starters. We all reviewed the menu on the table and were instantly excited yet inquisitive about the food to follow. My partner especially, given several the courses could have well been created specifically for him.

The idea of a pop up restaurant where you would sit next to numerous strangers seems very daunting – we must admit we were a little apprehensive about entering someone’s home for dinner and it was clear the other diners initially felt the same trepidation but within minutes, our hosts made us feel very welcome and at ease.

Our starter was a Caramelised Parsnip and Coconut Soup with Parsnip Bhaji. I personally am not a fan of parsnip but this proved to be exceptionally tasty with just the right amount of coconut. The parsnip bhaji was something none of us had tried before but it was so lovely, we could see some of us trying to recreate this at home.

The intermediate was a Beetroot Mousse with Escabeche of Root Vegetables. The mousse was surprisingly (to me at least) frozen but tasted superb and complimented the thinly sliced beetroot and other vegetables on the plate, all topped off with a balsamic dressing and some delicious pea shoots. My partner enjoys nearly all foods except for pickled beetroot but really found this course truly amazing and perhaps now a convert to beetroot!

There were slices of Leg of Lamb with a Ragout of Pea, Carrot and Lettuce with Roasted Vegetables for our mains. From a personal preference, the lamb was a little overdone for our liking but was absolutely perfect for many of the other diners. Although our view was this was the weakest of the courses, was still very scrumptious. The cooked lettuce was initially a worry but just stood to compliment the dish – who knew?!

Our next two courses consisted of a Cheese Board with many delicious goodies including sherry jelly, homemade rye bread with burnt honey butter (chewy but positively heavenly), candied walnuts, frozen grapes and celery and a Lemon and Rhubarb Tart with Rhubarb Sorbet.

With a selection of 3 cheeses, the board was just incredible made up of so many flavoursome items which you mixed and matched creating new taste sensations with each and every mouthful. The dessert was presented very simply yet delivered everything you would hope for. The mix of lemon and rhubarb was just stunning.

The Supper Circle cheeses board

To finish off our 5-course meal, we were offered either tea of freshly ground coffee with homemade petit fours. Anyone who might be concerned about portion size with this fine dining, need not be worried, we were suitably and perfectly full. The extensive range of petit fours consisted of Merengue Kisses, Chocolate Rochers and Peanut Lollipops – very naughty but extremely nice!

Overall, we had a fabulous evening, met some lovely people and tasted some wonderfully cooked, fresh food. A different experience to the normal Saturday night out but definitely something everyone should try and really is great value for money. Dates for this pop up restaurant currently vary so you will need to consult social media for more details. Booking however, is straightforward and personally, this would be excellent for a small group of friends, family or colleagues to celebrate a special occasion. Or quite simply, for foodies to meet like-minded people and sample fantastic food in a different environment to a standard restaurant.

Claire Harrison

Banburyshire Info restaurant reviewer

Dinner party dated 25th February 2017

Early booking is essential.

Call: 07585 442402


Website: www.thesuppercircle.com

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The Supper Circle chefs, Rachel Steiger and Jo Smith.

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