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Film Review by Noah Wild

Gosford Park reviewed by Noah Wild

Star Rating: 4 stars
Rating: 15
Release Date: 2001

Cast: Kristen Scott Thomas (The English Patient, Mission: Impossible), Maggie Smith (The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Downton Abbey, The Harry Potter Series), Ryan Philippe (Flags of Our Fathers, Cruel Intentions), Michael Gambon (The Harry Potter Series, Sleepy Hollow), Camila Rutherford (The Darjeeling Limited, Dimensions), Charles Dance (The Imitation Game, Alien 3, Game of Thrones), Geraldine Somerville (The Harry Potter Series, Titanic), Tom Hollander (The Pirates of the Caribbean, About Time, Mission Impossible-Rouge Nation), Stephen Fry (QI, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows), Kelly Macdonald (Brave, No County for Old Man), Clive Owen, Helen Miren (The Queen), Elieen Atkins, Emily Watson, Derek Jacobi, Richard.E.Grant, Jeremy Swift, Sophie Thompson

Gosford Park

Gosford Park follows the lives of the upstairs guest and their servants at a party in 1932, in a county house in England. When someone is murdered the secrets held within slowly come out, the secret families and the hidden loves. But has there been two murders in the same night?

Gosford Park is like Downton Abbey in film form, but when more people are horrible. Maggie Smith plays the same character as she does in Downton Abbey. The general feel of the film is similar to Downton, but the storyline is completely different. Fellowes writes his oscar winning screenplay, which lead on to Downton Abbey, with characters that you can feel for or hate, but it isn’t a murder mystery. This is the only film when I actually worked out who the murderer was. So don’t go into it expecting an Agatha Christie plot, the person who works out who is to blame in the film isn’t the detective! The detective is actually terrible and would have never worked the crime out.

Emily Watson and Kelly Macdonald in Gosford Park (2001)

This film contains a whole host of actors, Charles Dance plays a deaf old man, Maggie Smith is fantastic as always, Helen Miren is a good crier, Richard.E.Grant, Jeremy Swift and Adrain Scarbrough play the normal servants of Downton Abbey and Ellen Atkins, the grumpy cook. All the stars of the film play the roles very well, but for me the real star of the film isn’t Helen Miren or Maggie Smith, who received Oscar nominations for their roles, but Kelly Macdonald. She solves the crime by being nice and just listening and understanding, and Macdonald plays her character brilliantly.

Gosford Park is an enjoyable and well written film, with an ensemble of fantastic actors and a story that is like an entire series of Downton Abbey squeezed into 2 hours and 17 minutes, with the tedious hospital arguments and unbelievable deaths left out.

Gosford Park Trailer

Noah Wild

Noah Wild Banburyshire Info TV and Film Critic

Banburyshire Info TV, Theatre and Film Critic

Noah. I am 12 years old and I am writing all the film and TV reviews that you will see on this page. I love films. I love them because how they take you into a completely different world to your own. Films take you on an emotional journey, whether they make you cry or laugh films are wonderful. Even the terrible ones make you laugh, because they are so terrible. Films have the ability to show us other worlds and show us how the world that we live in is changing.


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