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As a family of Nerf fans, Banbury-based James and Michelle Sutton wanted to do something different in order to bring the joy of Nerfing to as many people as possible.

Local business owners launch Nerf blasters and accessories business.

As a family of Nerf fans, Banbury-based James and Michelle Sutton wanted to do something different in order to bring the joy of Nerfing to as many people as possible.

They created their website Foam Firepower at www.foam-firepower.co.uk after their son asked for Nerf blasters and accessories for his birthday and Christmas presents. As with products sold through their other websites, they noticed that while Nerf products are widespread, getting a good choice was often difficult.

Bringing the joy of Nerfing to as many people as possible

Owner James Sutton says;

“Our aim is to offer good value and also a wide choice of products so that everyone can enjoy Nerf.”

Michelle adds;

“It’s always tricky to know what to buy my son’s friends for their birthday presents, anything Nerf usually goes down well with both boys and girls and it’s great seeing a crowd of friends join in a battle, our boys have had hours of fun with Nerf.”

Extra ranges to appeal to a range of interests

Foam Firepower stock a wide range of core Nerf products including:

  • Nerf N-Strike Elite;
  • Nerf Modulus;
  • Nerf Zombie Strike; and
  • Nerf Super soakers, which are water blasters ideal for cooling off this summer.

Then there are the following extra ranges to appeal to a range of interests.

  • NEW Nerf Laser Ops Pro blasters are now in stock: Combining Nerf with the popular indoor game of laser tag that so many kids enjoy and can now play outdoors.
  • Nerf Sports: Taking games to new heights all day and into the night with the Nerfoop or Nerf Sports Vortex Aero Howler.
  • Nerf Nitro: For younger children aged 5 and up, Nerf Nitro combines Nerf blasting power with cool foam cars for speed and performance. With no track needed, these turn any room into a stunt arena.
  • Nerf Dog: Nerfing is not just fun for humans, canine pals can get in on the action too with great quality dog toys such as the Nerf Dog tennis ball blaster and Nerf Dog stomper – both give your arms a rest from ball throwing.

Last but by no means least, Foam Firepower stock a great range of Nerf Marvel products, some of which are themed around the recently released Avengers Infinity War movie.

You can become a Guardian of the Galaxy with their Marvel Avengers Infinity War Nerf STAR LORD assembler gear, with multiple sets there are over 100 combinations of blasters to collect, combine and customise.

Orders can be placed with Foam Firepower’s customer service team online or over the phone on 0333 433 0371 and there is an option to collect orders from Warkworth near Banbury to save time or postage.

So remember “Accept no substitute! There’s only one Nerf so it’s Nerf or Nothin’!”

Nerf blasters and accessories

Additional information about the business owners.

James Sutton is a Banbury based optician and keen swimmer with a family history of macular degeneration who 10 years ago co-founded Butterflies EyecarePrescription Swimming Goggles and NATorigin with his pharmacist wife Michelle to offer a comprehensive choice of eye health products in response to requests from the public.

Their sites offer eye vitamins, drops, blepharitis treatments, Eye Care Cosmetics, NATorigin natural cosmetics, prescription swimming goggles and diving masks along with professional advice and worldwide shipping.

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