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Beautiful Flower Beds tendered with care in People’s Park
Photo courtesy of Ray Clif

The poem People’s Park Banbury has been inspired by the photographs. The photos, and poem were first posted on our hugely active Facebook group. Quite a thread emerged.

People’s Park Banbury

Beautiful Flower Beds tendered with care
An Open Space ready to share
Glorious Trees coming in bud
Treat it with care, you know that you should.

War Memorial remembering the dead
Birds in the aviary got to be fed
Swings,a Slide ,a Round-a-Bout
Children playing hearing them shout.

The Bridge that goes over the stream
Courting Couples living the dream
Who’s for Tennis …anyone
Everyone is having fun.

Birds in the aviary got to be fed
Photo courtesy of Ray Clif.

Let’s just paddle in the pool
Don’t fall in and feel a fool
Exciting times when we were young
A meeting place for everyone.

The Big Wooden Hut saw lots of life
The German Dentist caused lots of strife
The Bandstand on a sunny day
Deckchairs, Picnics, Making hay.

Magical Memories rolled into one
Whether your old or whether your young
Somewhere to meet day after day
Whiling the long Summer hours away.

©Beverley Coleman 2017

Banbury Poet Beverley Coleman






People’s Park Banbury

With three hectares of land and formerly owned by George Frederick Ball the park was given to the people of Banbury as part of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in 1897.

Today, it combines historic merit with a host of modern features; including a community garden, sensory garden, bowling green, rose garden, avary, war memorial, tennis/multi-use courts, fitness area and children’s play area.

Banbury Poet Beverley Coleman has published her second book of poems. Now available to purchase. All profits go to Katharine House Hospice in Banbury.

If you want one, Contact Dave Woodman via email

Arrangements can be made to post inland or abroad, P&P extra.


Poets of the Shire

A page dedicated to local poets for publishing their poetry.

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A page dedicated to local poets for publishing poetry.


Looking for somewhere to Eat Out in the area?

Dining out in Banburyshire has never been so exciting, with amazing venues popping up year upon year. Renowned for producing incredibly talented chefs, the Banbury area is developing a reputation for its growing number of excellent foodie pubs.

Sink your teeth into this list of great country food pubs around Banbury 

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Poem about Banbury Cakes.

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