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Popping into 4 Ale and Gin and life became completely different from normal.

An early evening walk through Banbury into Butchers Row.

Banbury was full of hustle and bustle – offices emptying, rushing to catch trains, errands being run, shops closing for the day, queues building at bus stops, folk hurtling about oblivious to the beauty around them. It is way too easy to be swept along with this tide of humanity.

But life is not always about doing the normal, there’s plenty in the present and on the horizon which excites and stimulates – that feeling of uncontrollable happiness is explained by a growing desire for taking the foot off the pedal and slowing down. Because when you do, you see and feel the world quite differently – and it really is a most beautiful world we live in.

Popping into 4 Ale and Gin and life became completely different from normal.

Vicki, Gary & Bar Dog Jack are super hosts – throwing a little of that warmth where all beauty lies.

It may only be a short journey through Banbury town centre into 4 Ale and Gin, but it feels like the most fantastic adventure – unbridled joy barely covers the emotion of such a journey – a boy, nose pressed against the carriage window of the train, life hurtling past outside, the comfort of one world behind, the excitement of another beer awaiting at a new destination.

What a beautiful place!

A comfortable setting where you can meet friends and colleagues, listen to classic tunes, enjoying fabulous drinks, eating tasty food.

Their Open Mic Night with The Rock Bottoms is without doubt – the best for miles around.

Gary recounted his life as part of the music scene for 35 years, ”Sometimes hedonistic, sometimes chaotic, always creative and exciting.”

Vicki shared her kind of beautiful ”There is nothing more beautiful than good music, good company and a good gin!”

Pleased I visited, I felt extremely welcomed by both the owners & Bar Dog Jack, who were engaging with their patrons, the whole pub was comfortable, classy and a lot of fun.

Been in there yet?

4 Ale & Gin. (also known as Four, formerly Coach & Horses).

Find them a 4 Butchers Row, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX16 5JH

They have a Facebook page too https://www.facebook.com/4aleandgin/

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