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Politics corner

The Postponement of the junior doctor strike is no victory for Jeremy Hunt

Clive Peedell, Leader of the National Health Action Party, says:

“The National Health Action Party is interested by the BMA’s decision to suspend industrial action and re-enter ‘meaningful negotiations’, after the Government apparently backed down from imposing an unfair and unsafe contract on junior doctors.

“The ACAS statement clearly states that the starting position for negotiations is a cost neutral contract and the implementation of the Government’s plans for a 7Day NHS. Therefore, unless junior doctors work fewer hours during the week (which will effect routine and emergency weekday care) to deliver more weekend care, there is no way that a routine 7 day NHS can be delivered that is both fair to junior doctors and safe for patients.

“The bottom line is that a 7day routine NHS is a non-starter in the context of the current NHS crisis and the plan for a further £22bn of NHS ‘efficiency savings’. Unless the Tories sensibly define what they actually mean by a ‘7day

Robbing Peter to pay Paul: why the spending review may leave all our services poorer

Published on behalf of National Health Action Party

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