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Banburyshire Info mascots at Puritans Radio for the Banburyshire Show

The magazine style talk show, with a little music.

Our Banburyshire Show guests this week are;

Guest presenting the show is North West Banburyshire correspondent Peter Evan Jones. Also Known as “live on-the-scene” reporter Peter.

Can usually be found writing about travel, food and taking photographs.

Owner of Cumming Anderton Architects Roger Cumming.  A skilled architect with a strong design sense with over 35 years of professional practice. Roger is making his first visit to the studio.

Back in the studio but this time in the interviewees chair is West Banburyshire correspondent. Also known as never-misses-a-story-reporter Chris Hogan.

Can often be found writing as OxCopy for businesses. Supporting Oxford United. Doing good deeds around Chipping Norton.

The Banburyshire show starts at 10am until 12 noon.

By clicking the link you can listen to the show live on Puritans Radio

We’ll hear;

  • What our guests consider the AMAZINGLY good, the terribly bad, and downright ugly about the area.
  • We get into their minds as they answer the Marcel Proust questionnaire. Always insightful
  • News, and the quirky stories from the papers. And online sources
  • What’s on in the area.
  • Defend the indefensible
  • What our guests do professionally
  • And (I am sure), much much more.

Podcasts of the show

Roger gives us some background of his journey from school boy to skilled architect


In part two Roger explains his view on the good the bad and the ugly of the area.


Part three Roger answers some of the Proust Questionnaire. You can read the full answers right here www.banburyshireinfo.co.uk/local-life/roger-cumming-answers-the-proust-questionnaire/


Co show host Peter surprises Chris Hogan with questions about his beloved Oxford united he sourced from the club it’s self.


Chris entertains us with his look on the good bad and ugky of the area.


Part three and Chris tell us all about the Chipping Norton Literary Festival.


Finally Chris wraps up with more Chippy fest, and what he normally does to pay the bills.


Presented by Ian Gentles. You can listen live to the Banburyshire Show from 10am until 12 every Thursday on Puritans Radio.

Banburyshire Show 14th April

The next Banburyshire Show is on the 21st April


Want to be a studio guest on a future show?

Simply  us TODAY for consideration.

The Banburyshire Show is broadcast on Puritans Radio based in Spencer Stadium, the home of Banbury United every Thursday from 10am until 12 noon.


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The Banburyshire Show is all about local people stories. Bringing a radio station closer to the community.

The Banburyshire Show is broadcast on Puritans Radio based in Spencer Stadium, the home of Banbury United evert Thursday from 10am until 12 noon

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