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Banbury Cross Players ‘It Runs in the Family’ from the comic pen of Ray Cooney.

When St. Andrews hospital head of Neurology gives the Ponsumby Lecture, an old secret comes to the Doctor’s common room, leading to a series of bizarre events and misunderstanding.

I came to this performance with no idea of what I was coming to. For all I knew I could be coming to a gritty drama, or a dark thriller or even a murder mystery. None of those it was. Banbury Cross Players deliver a wired and quirky comedy, when nothing can be predicted.

BCP cast for It Runs in the Family. Photo Mike Watling
The Banbury Cross Players cast for ‘It Runs in the Family’ from the comic pen of Ray Cooney. Photo Mike Watling.

At no point did I get bored of the strange script and situations or the quirky characters. Yes, sometimes I did want the plot to move away from this one doctor’s common room. And yes, there were sometimes jokes that didn’t quite land where they were supposed to. But after the first ten minutes I realised that my initial reservations had been wrong.

Walking into the theatre and hearing fun and jumpy music and then when the first sound in the play is a toilet flushing. I have to say that I was wrong. It Runs in the Family delivered a funny, interesting, quirky performance with classic amateur acting.

It was just that there seemed to be some points that could have just been cut out. The moment when most of the cast start doing strange karate movements and the dance at the end just didn’t add anything. And there were one or two characters that at times didn’t really work for me. But still the play gave me great enjoyment.

No other play would have somebody hanging off a window ledge holding a syringe or an old man in a wheelchair that has to continually go to the toilet, and a group of medical staff that you wouldn’t want to have as your own doctor.

The lead doctor, played by Philip Fine, held the play brilliantly. It felt, that when he wasn’t present, that something was missing. His voice and his strange manner gave a great part of the play. Along with the unusual plot and a number of wired situations, It Runs in the Family will make you see the name Lesley in a whole different light. So much so that when, the day afterwards, somebody mentioned that their uncles name was Lesley I couldn’t quite stop myself uttering a chuckle!

Noah Wild

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