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Banburyshire by Maureen Tyrrell

Photographs of the Warwickshire countryside by Maureen Tyrrell

I look into the distance
And there before my eyes
The wonderment of countryside
Was there with some surprise

The shadows in the background
The clouds all snowy white
A blue sky here in February
Is really a delight

Fields beyond the gate by Maureen Tyrrell

The bramble hedge and long grass
The sheep look round to see
Who creeping up behind them
It’s ok it’s only me

My gaze it goes much further
Is that a spire I spy
A village hidden in the hills
To tempt the passer by

Warwickshire by Maureen Tyrrell

The colours…oh the colours
Not vibrant but soothing
With lots of different Greens and Browns
That we can see within

I turn a different aspect
Bare trees like silhouettes
Ploughed fields with deep brown furrows
This day there’s no regrets

Warwickshire countryside by Maureen Tyrrell

The images I’ve seen today
Through camera lens are there
For me to keep within my heart
And with my friends to share.

Poem written for Banbury photographer Maureen Tyrrell, by Banbury poet Beverley Coleman. Photographs taken on 18th February 2016.

©Beverley Coleman

Poetry by Beverley Coleman

There is a wonderful story of Beverley and Banbury friends that you may find interesting.  www.banburyshireinfo.co.uk/news/a-book-of-poems-a-calendar-and-banbury-friends/

Beverley has also published a book of poems simply called, Bev’s Banbury Bundle.

Bev’s Banbury Bundle by Beverley Coleman
Published by Banbury Friends Facebook Group, through Lulu Publishing, 2015.
Paperback, 120pp
Basic cost is £6.00 each.
ISBN 507007-675701
© 2015 Beverley Coleman

To order a copy of the book, please contact Dave Woodman on 07769 776 857, or email him at:
Arrangements can be made to post inland or abroad, P&P extra.


Poets of the Shire

A page dedicated to local poets for publishing poetry.


If you would like your poem published,


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