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Free soft drinks to designated drivers during the evening

MOTORISTS have been warned about the risks of drink-driving

Banbury Neighbourhood Team are working closely in partnership with two drinking establishments in Banbury to secure free soft drinks to drivers on Friday 18 December.

Moo Moos Banbury and AKA will both offer free soft drinks to designated drivers during the evening. This is to encourage safe travel and discourage people from drink driving, not only during the festive period but throughout the year.

Since this years drink drive campaign launched on 1 December until 7 December, six people have been arrested in Cherwell and West Local Police Area for being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, this is two less than last year for the same week.

Sergeant Wendy Percival from Banbury Town Centre neighbourhood team said

“To have local businesses keen to support us in our anti drink drive campaign is brilliant, I am really grateful to MooMoos and AKA for joining in the campaign.”

If you drink-drive and end up killing someone, if not yourself too, consider the impact your irresponsible actions are having on the victim’s family – their parents, sister, brother, husband, wife, children.

Road Safety Sgt Chris Appleby said:

“This is one of our main campaigns of the year and, while it is nothing new for an anti-drink-drive campaign to be hard-hitting, this time around we have decided to bring home the harsh realities of the potential fatal consequences of drink-driving by having a morgue as the main focus of the campaign.

“Last year over 2,600 positive breath tests in TVP – that’s over 2,600 vehicle journeys that were stopped by police officers, any of which could have ended up with a crash which killed someone, or injured them. We shouldn’t have to do something different with our campaigns in a bid to try to ram home the message that you shouldn’t drink and drive, but the reality is that we do.

Don't Drink and Drive

“The campaign asks ‘Where will you end up tonight?’ implying that you could end up in a mortuary having died in a road crash caused by drink-driving. And that could be for a number of reasons: you could be a drink-driver who caused a road crash while over the limit, or you could be a passenger in the car of the drink-driver. You do not have to be the actual drink-driver to be killed in a drink-driving road crash, so don’t be tempted to try to catch a lift from someone who will be over the limit as you are putting yourself in danger too.

“If you drink and drive, you are putting your own life and those of others in danger. Death is the ultimate price to be paid. Nobody should need to be told that drink-driving, along with drug-driving, is totally irresponsible but, unfortunately, every year we continue to have needless deaths as a result of it, so we need to keep sending the message, and we hope this year’s campaign based around the theme of a mortuary will help persuade anybody foolish enough to be tempted to drink and drive that, quite simply, #ItsNotWorthTheRisk.

Dont Drink and Drive

“Every year, police officers have to walk up to front doors, ask to come inside, sit people down and deliver the devastating news that their loved one has been killed in a drink-drive road crash. It’s terrible but it’s something that happens year in, year out despite it being completely avoidable.

“If you drink-drive and end up killing someone, if not yourself too, consider the impact your irresponsible actions are having on the victim’s family – their parents, sister, brother, husband, wife, children. And even if they survive, hundreds of people every year have serious injuries – many of which are life-changing – think of the impact you are having on them.

“There are a lot of events during the festive period that will see many of us gather to celebrate with friends and family. This Christmas should be a time that everyone can remember for all the right reasons, and not a time that friends and family of a lost loved one end up remembering every year for all the wrong reasons.

“Our message therefore is simple: don’t drink and drive – #ItsNotWorthTheRisk. Drinking late into the evening and then getting up early for work is not a good combination. Just because you’ve had a few hours’ sleep, it doesn’t mean all the alcohol has left your system, and you could still be driving to work over the limit.

“We’re often asked how much you can drink before you are over the limit; any amount of alcohol affects your coordination and judgement. The simplest and safest option for everyone is simply not to drink if you plan to drive.”


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